Which Turkey?

Information about how to choose your turkey

What size Turkey will I need?

The following is a guide as personal preferences vary.

Size of Bird Size of Bird Portions
4kgs 8.8lbs 6 - 8
5kgs 11lbs 8 - 10
6kgs 13.2lbs 11 - 13
7kgs 15.4lbs 14 - 15
8kgs 17.6lbs 16 - 17
9kgs 19.8lbs 18 - 19
10kgs 22lbs 20 - 22
11kgs 24.2lbs 23 - 24

Fresh Turkey

Keep your fresh turkey in an open polythene bag on the bottom shelf of your fridge until you are ready to prepare it for cooking. Store giblets at the bottom of the fridge - Recommended temperature of 5°C or below

Cooked Turkey

Cool quickly, wrap in foil and place in the top half of the fridge at a temperature of 5°C or below. Cooked turkey will keep for several days in a fridge.

More Information

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