Fresh Turkeys

Important, essential factors that go into producing the very best Brancote Traditional Christmas Turkeys.

Carefully selected strains of day old poults, tailored to finish with superb confirmation in ALL weight ranges, arrive as day old poults, are then reared and produced all at Brancote Farm Staffordshire.

Housed in comfortable houses with good weather protection while able to enjoy Natural Light and Ventilation. ·

Slow growth pattern of Wholesome High Cereal content feed, which includes oats and some farm assured wheat.

Free Range flock consists of Bronze and Heritage breeds, which lavish in day time access to natural vegitation and the open environment. Truly something Special|! ·

There is no stressful loading and transporting, which in turn would affect the muscle texture and lack of meat tenderness. ·

Uncompromising welfare standards followed to the highest level by a small team of experienced staff that are well supervised. ·

Helpful, Friendly and Obliging service for everyone at all times.

Storing your turkey

Fresh Turkey

Keep your fresh turkey in an open polythene bag on the bottom shelf of your fridge until you are ready to prepare it for cooking. Store giblets at the bottom of the fridge - Recommended temperature of 5°C or below

Cooked Turkey

Cool quickly, wrap in foil and place in the top half of the fridge at a temperature of 5°C or below. Cooked turkey will keep for several days in a fridge.


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